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“Working within a Ray White Commercial franchise allows me the freedom to grow my profile and market presence using my own strategies, however offers the systems, experience and support network of a multi-national family owned company to assist me. This support network has enabled me to formulate a business plan specific to my transaction areas and ultimately expand my earning potential.” “The Ray White Group itself has an extremely good support, systems with fantastic training, not just to get you started in the industry but frequently to keep you up to speed with everything going on in the marketplace. Working within the Ray White Group enables you to build your own business within the business by backing you with such a strong and well respected name.”

One - to learnNew to the industry and wish to learn from the best and wanting to go to the next level? Need the environment for benchmarking and be surrounded by people who can show you the way to the next level? With over 8,000 members and 1,000 businesses, Ray White has a strong culture of creating an environment for learning through involvement, and surrounding you with good people. You can learn through experience and see first hand how the best people in the industry go about their business. We actively involve new people to help develop their careers and take them to the next level.

Two - to earn

Not earning what you believe you are worth? Ray White Commercial has very attractive packages ranging from base salaries and commissions through to highly incentivised commission only structures through to contractor arrangements. (Contractor options are available to licensed agents.)

Three - specialisation do it your way

Like the freedom and support of a Real Estate industry giant for your business ambitions? Ray White’s curiosity with innovative and new ideas means it’s very flexible and willing to try new and varied business models. Our flexibility in trying and encouraging new ideas gives us the industry’s forefront of innovation.

  I JOINED RAY WHITE COMMERCIAL BECAUSE: The profile and brand recognition and reputation would take me to the next level. Ultimately I wish to own and operate my own franchise, my own business and Ray White has the track record and leaderships that I need. It has a very strong deal-doing culture, team work and support. I wanted to be surrounded by good people who think the same way. I love the team work, knowledge sharing and deal-doing culture.

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Rebecca Meredith
Ph: +61 7 3231 2249